Breakfast Bar

drive all-day breakfast with a turn-key breakfast bar

Fully cooked and ready to go, Papetti’s® precooked omelets and egg patties are perfect for creating a low-labor all-day breakfast bar.

omelet bar

Offer 10,000 customizable omelet combinations in less than 6 feet!

breakfast sandwich bar

Give guests the power to create their favorites from sun-up to sun-down.

customizable merchandising

Promote your all-day breakfast offering with free merchandising tools.

food bars are big

Tap the food bar trend to satisfy people’s love for breakfast

  • The build-your-own segment is on fire — 2014 sales were up 22 percent*
  • Omelets represent the original "build your own" fare
  • Restaurants are standing out with specialty build-your-own concepts: Bloody Mary Bars, Sandwich Bars, Pizza and Pasta Bars

Papetti's® precooked egg products are great for your breakfast bar

  • Precooked items save time and labor to boost kitchen efficiency
  • Pre-portioned items reduce waste and help you control portion costs
  • Grab-and-go convenience lets you serve more patrons fast — with fewer wait staff
*June 2015 Consumer Food Trends Report, Technomic