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July 2014 Newsletter

Introducing the NEW Goat-Cheese Stuffed French Toast Sandwichgoat-cheese-stuffed-french-toast-sandwich.jpg

Dive into brunch, lunch or dinner with an ingredient that is popping up on menus everywhere - goat cheese. With considerable growth over the last five years, goat cheese currently appears on nearly a quarter of all restaurant menus.*

And, it brings a slightly tangy twist that's perfect for our new Goat-Cheese Stuffed French Toast Sandwich featuring Papetti's® Table Ready® Cinnamon Swirl French Toast. With the flexibility to use the seasonal berries of your choice, this recipe makes it easy to keep your ingredients, and menu, fresh all day long!

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014 

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a healthy dose of eggs & cheese

When it comes to today's hottest menu trends, it's tough to overlook the growth of protein and the search for gluten-free options.

High protein diets are strongly tied to weight management and satiety. Likewise, eating gluten-free items offers a variety of health benefits, such as improved digestion - and may even help you lose weight.**

If you're looking for a way to meet the growing demand of health conscience consumers, look no futher than eggs and cheese. Both are naturally gluten-free and come with a substanatial boost of high-quality protein.

**"Gluten-Free: Hot New Trend or Here to Stay?," Huffington Post, April 2013

specialty cheese influencers

The influence that restaurants have had on the growth of specialty cheese is undeniable. Especially burger chains, where offerings with Smoked Gouda, Chèvre, and Brie are appearing more and more frequently.

"What's in Store 2014 Cheese Highlights," IDDBA, November 2013