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The Snack is Back

October 2014 Newsletter

The Protein-Packed Snack: Mexican Scotch Egg Recipe

During our youth many of us were able to experience that wonderful time of day aptly classified as "snack time." You remember... lunch seemed like eons ago, but dinner was still an eternity away.

Well, the snack is no longer just for kids. And it is definitely not limited to a one-time, mid-afternoon event, with 51% of all consumers reporting they snack at least twice a day!*

With the Mexican Scotch Egg Recipe on Explore Beyond Breakfast, you'll be able to satisfy your guests' snack cravings with a protein-packed, handheld offering featuring Papetti's® Table Ready® Hard Cooked Eggs.

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*"Snacking Occasions Consumer Trend Report," Technomic 2014

Sonic CinnasnacksTo Snack or Not to Snack?
3 Ways to Snackatize Your Menu

 In the past year, snacking accounted for over $44 billion in sales within the food service industry.†

One logical explanation for the snacking boom may be that snacking bridges all dayparts. In fact, at QSRs both mid-morning and afternoon snacking have grown by 5% over the last year.†

Another rational reason may be that the definition of snacking is a bit broad, meaning it can encompass anything consumed outside of a classic entree served at a traditional time of day.

However, no matter how you define a snack, you can be sure consumers will be looking for snacking options on your menu.

Here are 3 simple ways to answer the snacking challenge:

  • Callout existing small portion items as snacks (i.e. appetizers, sides and even desserts)
  • Provide to-go options from plated offerings (i.e. Mexican Scotch Eggs in a clamshell package with a side of dipping sauce)
  • Serve Breakfast Items All Day (i.e. a blueberry muffin or some French toast sticks taste just as good at 2pm as they do at 9am)
†Year Ending August '14, The NPD Group, CREST 2014

Fried Egg BurgerBurgers for... Breakfast?

Fried eggs on burgers are growing! And surprisingly, a large amount are being consumed at breakfast, where menu penetration has doubled since 2010.

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NEW Recipe: Primed with Pimientos

egg & pimiento cheese sandwichSeptember 2014 Newsletter

NEW Recipe: Primed with Pimientos
NEW Egg and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich

You may know pimientos as the bright red filling in green olives, but this pepper is growing in popularity.*

Offering a sweeter taste and aroma than traditional red bell peppers, fresh pimientos are the key ingredient in our NEW Egg and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich.

As a new twist on a classic grilled cheese, this recipe is built around a protein-packed Papetti's® Table Ready® Scrambled Egg Patty and a flavorful, pimiento stuffed cheese spread. Serve it alongside a cup of tomato soup as an enticingly simple, yet satisfying, addition to any lunch or dinner menu.

*Menu Penetration up 13.8% since 2013, Datassential, MenuTrends 2014

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Spicing Up Your Menu: The Return of Fall Flavors

fall blizzardMany people like to think that fall is an annual reminder of the need for change.

Right now, millions of oak and maple trees are turning over from lucious greens to vivid oranges, yellows and reds. And you're sure to notice a change in the fashion choices of your guests as they pack away their shorts and opt for more fall-friendly jeans, longsleeves and hooded sweatshirts.

Of all these changes, however, the seasonal upgrades to menus is by far the delicious! Just like the trees, the sign of fall is popping up on menus everywhere as pumpkin and apples flavors take centerstage.

Dunkin' Donuts is spicing things up with pumpkin lattes, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin "Munchkin" donut holes and pumpkin muffins.† Likewise, Dairy Queen welcomes the return of its pumpkin pie blizzard alongside a new apple pie variety.‡

If you're looking to fall-itize your own menu, check out our French Toast S'more. It's the perfect fall treat, especially for operations with an open-air patio. Or, you'd like something a bit more traditional, our Spiced Sweet Potato Carrot Cake featuring cinnamon and ginger, just might be what your guests are looking for.

† "Dunkin' Donuts' Huge Pumpkin Line-Up...," Business Insider, August 25, 2014
‡ "Dairy Queen Debuts New Apple Pie Blizzard...,", September 2, 2014

well & good

More than just a trend, it's an ever-growing movement

Customers are actively seeking out restaurants that offer healthier menu options. Papetti's® is here to help operators navigate the wellness movement and meet this growing demand.

Visit the Well & Good page to learn how to gain exclusive access to wellness insights, recipes, and information from leading wellness experts.



a cheese that keeps growing... & growing...

July 2014 Newsletter

Introducing the NEW Goat-Cheese Stuffed French Toast Sandwichgoat-cheese-stuffed-french-toast-sandwich.jpg

Dive into brunch, lunch or dinner with an ingredient that is popping up on menus everywhere - goat cheese. With considerable growth over the last five years, goat cheese currently appears on nearly a quarter of all restaurant menus.*

And, it brings a slightly tangy twist that's perfect for our new Goat-Cheese Stuffed French Toast Sandwich featuring Papetti's® Table Ready® Cinnamon Swirl French Toast. With the flexibility to use the seasonal berries of your choice, this recipe makes it easy to keep your ingredients, and menu, fresh all day long!

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014 

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a healthy dose of eggs & cheese

When it comes to today's hottest menu trends, it's tough to overlook the growth of protein and the search for gluten-free options.

High protein diets are strongly tied to weight management and satiety. Likewise, eating gluten-free items offers a variety of health benefits, such as improved digestion - and may even help you lose weight.**

If you're looking for a way to meet the growing demand of health conscience consumers, look no futher than eggs and cheese. Both are naturally gluten-free and come with a substanatial boost of high-quality protein.

**"Gluten-Free: Hot New Trend or Here to Stay?," Huffington Post, April 2013

specialty cheese influencers

The influence that restaurants have had on the growth of specialty cheese is undeniable. Especially burger chains, where offerings with Smoked Gouda, Chèvre, and Brie are appearing more and more frequently.

"What's in Store 2014 Cheese Highlights," IDDBA, November 2013

menu versatility: egg whites all day

Pisco SourJune 2014 Newsletter

Shake up Summer with Egg White Cocktails

You've probably already heard about the growing popularity of egg whites - on 39% more menus since 2009.* As an even healthier alternative to the already nutritious whole egg, whites are popping up on omelets, sandwiches, wraps, scrambles and skillets as well as popular desserts.

But it doesn't end there. Egg whites are also commonly used to create that alluring foam or frothiness in premium mixed drinks like this Pisco Sour recipe featuring Papetti's® Liquid Egg Whites.

So if you're already adding egg whites to your main menu, you may want to also shake up (literally) your drink menu!

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2013

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Keep Coffee Fresh all Day... One Cup at a Time!

While 41% of adults report drinking soft drinks on a daily basis, significantly more - 61% - enjoy that daily cup of coffee.

And not just any coffee. In 2014, 34% of adults noted daily consumption of "gourmet" coffee.

As a likely result of the increase in demand for fresh, premium coffee flavor, single-cup home brewing systems have also seen a dramatic rise in usage - up almost 50% over the last year.

However, this trend isn't limited to home use. National Restaurant News reported earlier this month on Subway's intention to expand its adoption of Keurig systems in their operations. According to Subway's beverage manager, David Zambory, "Subway restaurants are a destination throughout the day, including at breakfast and we look forward to providing our customers with the freshest cup of coffee possible, no matter when they visit us."

† "2014 Coffee Consumer Trends Report...," Daily Coffee News, May 9, 2014
‡"Subway to install Keurig brewers...," Nation's Restaurant News, June 10, 2014

Summer Mixology: Wine & Spirits

hrb-vineyard-margarita.jpgA growing movement in mixology combines wine and spirits to create signature cocktails, like this Vineyard Margarita.

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"Recipedia", Restaurant Business, June 16, 2014


saluting the sauce

May 2014 Newsletter

NEW General Tso's ChickenGeneral-Tso-News.png

As one of the most popular Chinese entrées, General Tso's Chicken is all about the sauce.

And by utilizing the same item you use at breakfast - Papetti's® Easy Eggs® Liquid Whole Eggs - you can save cooler space and labor while serving up the sauce. Check out this new take on a true classic that dates back to the 19th century... perhaps even earlier.*


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Also... Introducing the NEW Papetti's® Foodservice eBrochure

Papetti’s® brings you real eggs that deliver real egg taste with far less time and labor. Our value-added eggs ensure the quality, consistency, unsurpassed safety and performance you desire.

Check out the breadth of our extensive portfolio in the new eBrochure to find the right match for your operation.

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every kitchen's essential ingredient

April 2014 Newsletter

bergamot chocolate profiteroles with candied orange

Eggs, omelets and breakfast sandwiches continue to be the Top Selling items on breakfast menus.*

But it is important not to forget that this popular breakfast entrée also serves as a staple ingredient throughout the day. In fact, the pleats in a chef's toque stand as a symbol for the versatility of eggs.

This single ingredient can be scrambled for breakfast, and in the same day, incorporated in lunch, dinner or even delectable dessert items like our Bergamot Chocolate Profiteroles with Candied Orange.

*The NPD Group, CREST Year Ending February 2013

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ingredient review: bergamot

Bergamot is "believed to be a cross between a lime and a sour orange." Its zest can often be found in pastries and other sweet confections, and its sour notes do well in marmalades and curds.**


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