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May 2010 EBB Newsletter

Creative Entrees for Remarkable Meals

Explore Beyond Breakfast with Egg Parmesan

Classic dishes like Chicken Parmesan and Veal Parmesan have always been culinary favorites. With
Papetti’s Easy Eggs you can now offer Egg Parmesan, a new and creative version of these popular
entrees. This recipe is quick to make and has just a few simple ingredients so you’ll save both money and
time. Egg Parmesan plates beautifully and works as a vegetarian menu item.

This recipe uses: Papetti’s® Easy Eggs® Liquid Whole Eggs #91200

April 2010 Newsletter

Steak and Egg Salad and Papetti's Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Hearty Salads for Lunch and Dinner. Explore Beyond Breakfast with Steak and Egg Salad 

Our Steak and Egg Salad is perfect for a high-protein, low cost lunch or dinner. With Papetti's hard boiled eggs, shaved steak, and toppings already on hand, you'll save time and money while continuing to provide customers with in-demand menu variety. 

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This recipe uses: Papetti's® Table Ready® Hard Cooked Eggs #85018

March 2010 EBB Newsletter




Explore Beyond Breakfast with Breakfast Gyros

This fast moving gyro combines two classic breakfast favorites: steak and eggs. Perfect for breakfast or lunch, you'll appreciate the cost and time saved for the busy chef since these omelets come already prepared. Serve with Greek Salad or Northern Star® Red Skin Wedge Potatoes #15870 drizzled with olive oil and fresh oregano.

A Fresh Take on An Old Favorite - March 2010 Newsletter