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WINsights - Brunch Continues to "Rise & Shine"

WINsights - April 2015

Brunch traffic grew across all industry segments... especially Casual Dining, up 21%

Brunch Daypart Growth by Segments vs. YR Ago - YE Feb '15*

 Brunch Segment Growth







Consumer Highlights

  • More and more consumer are seeking Brunch options (especially on the weekends) and turning away from more expensive lunch & dinner menus.
  • Nearly one in four (23%) consumers look for restaurants not to rush them†, using this time to socialize with family and friends and a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.
  • During this daypart, many consumers still seek comfort and convenience. Both breakfast sandwiches and breakfast wraps/burritos have grown in importance on menus.*

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* Datassential MenuTrends Insider, 2014
† Technomic News 2014

Superfoods: A Dynamic Duo

April 2015 Newsletter

New Recipe Featuring a "Super" Combination

You've heard the term - Superfood - but if you're picturing a cucumber in a red cape, you've got the wrong idea.

And while Superfoods will not give you the ability to run faster than a locomotive or lift a four-door sedan, in a lot of ways, I think you'll find they really do have super powers.

As nutrient-rich foods high in protein, antioxidants or other vitamins or minerals, they've become modern-day heroes to many health-conscious consumers.

egg & quinoa burritoTake quinoa for instance. Since 2010, it's gone from appearing on just over 1% of menus to 5.5%. That's an increase of over 400% and growing!* And it's no wonder... Often described as the mother of all grains, quinoa is a high-protein, gluten-free treasure that's versatile enough to be eaten alone or as an enticing mix with vegetables, nuts and other lean proteins.

Our NEW Egg & Quinoa Burrito combines this Superfood with another powerful ally (Eggs). Mix in a little cilantro, black beans and pico de gallo and you have a flavorful new menu offering that is bursting with high-quality protein.

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014

egg flatbreadA Healthy Attitude Toward Wellness

From Millennials to Boomers, today's consumers are more concerned with healthy eating habits.

With more access to food and health trends, they are able to make more logical eating decisions and seek out eating establishments that will meet their needs.

This month's edition of the Well&Good™ newsletter taps into the experience of Sue Moores, a registered dietician who served as a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She notes an important consumer shift away from "what not to eat" to more of a focus on "what should I eat." However, even when we know what's good for us, we're still unwilling to sacrifice flavor for health. It takes a balance of both to keep guests satisfied.

Learn more and check out some inspirational recipes that can help bring a "healthy" balance to your menu in the full Spring newsletter.


The Power of a Little Pesto

February 2015 Newsletter

NEW Pesto Egg Panini Features a Powerful Ingredient

Pesto Egg PaniniYou may be more familiar with pesto as a flavorful additive in pasta dishes, but this green sauce packs a real punch that shouldn't be limited by any stretch of the imagination.

Traditionally made from basil, olive oil, garlic and pine nuts, Pesto can add a bitter-sweet, yet slightly nutty taste to countless dishes.

In fact, this ingredient is so versatile that the Food Network was able to identify 50 different dishes you could make with Pesto as a key ingredient.

Whether or not it's already in your kitchen, you should consider adding it to your menu as part of the NEW Pesto Egg Panini. Made with our fully-cooked Papetti's® Scrambled Egg Patty, sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and of course, Pesto, this sandwich build brings a light and zesty bite that can served anytime!

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Appearing on nearly 9% more menus than in 2010, Pesto's popularity continues to grow and grow!

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014

The Beyond Breakfast Sandwich

While breakfast sandwiches continue to grow during traditional morning meal times (up 6% since 2010), they are becoming more and more popular throughout the rest of the day:

Lunch - up 32% Dinner - up 36% PM Snack - up 21%

To learn more about consumer preferences around breakfast sandwiches and to see what other operations are doing to meet this trend, check out this month's edition of WINsights.

Small Plate, Big Opportunity

January 2015 Newsletter

Small is the new BIG!

mini meatballs with bacon recipeIf you've been reading the literature predicting food trends for 2015, you've most certainly come across the phrase "small plate"more than once.

Technomic dubbed it as "small-minded," claiming that diners are demanding "petite plates and flexible portions.1

Hotel News Resource claims that smaller plates served at any time are perfect for consumers with a close eye on their waistlines.2

Even a majority of Chefs agree... smaller plates and/or snacking options are expected to be big in 2015.3

No matter where you heard it, it's pretty clear that smaller portions are about to make a big splash in 2015.

And, Explore Beyond Breakfast® has you covered with a completely new set of inspirational recipes that target some of the hottest menu trends for 2015, including our mini meatballs with bacon

Made from Papetti's® Easy Eggs® Liquid Whole Eggs and five other simply ingredients, it's sure to meet this small demand in a big way!

Get the recipe>>

1 Technomic's Take: 2015 Food Trends, October 20, 2014
2 Hotel Restaurant News, Top Dining Trends for 2015..., January 20, 2015
3 Statistia, Leading Trends in Culinary Themes..., 2015

New Recipes for 2015!

Check out all our new recipes by clicking below and keep your eyes peeled for even more to come throughout 2015!

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From Soup to Nuts

December 2014 Newsletter

From Soup to Nuts: New Coconut Curry Soup Recipecoconut curry soup

Since the beginning of time, soups have been a staple entrée in the human race diet, which is most likely why we can find a soup of one kind or another on over 70% of all commercial restaurant menus.*  

Another likely reason may be that soups are a great way to experiment with unique and exciting flavors. And there is arguably no better time to introduce a soup to your menu with "hot," new ingredients than when the thermometer starts to drop.  

For example, consider this new Coconut Curry Soup Recipe featuring the bold, yet popular, flavor combination of Thai red curry and coconut! Add in some shrimp alongside a few protein-packed slices of Papetti's® Hard Cooked Eggs and you have an excellent soup of the day that is sure to both satisfy and excite your guests throughout the winter months!

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*Datassential, MenuTrends, 2014

A Look Ahead: 2015 Menu Trends 

According a recent article in Nation's Restaurant News (NRN), Millennials continue to drive menu trends.  

This particular consumer segment drove the theme for 2015: "I want what I want, when I want it." Interestingly, this trend highlights what is described as the new "it" egg: scrambled eggs served as a PM entrée.  

Other notable flavor trends from NRN:  

  • Spicy Flavors - dishes that add a little heat
  • Sour Flavors - appearing on everything from burgers to beverages
  • Flavor without Fat - skipping oils and butter (Egg Whites are an excellent high-protein, low-fat option)  

Check out the full list of the 2015 menu trends here.  

"Hot Restaurant Menu Trends for 2015," Nation's Restaurant News, November 7, 2014

True Satisfaction

As a nutrient dense, high-quality protein, eggs help with satiety, making them one of the most cost-effective (not to mentioned delicious) ways to satisfy your guests!

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Most Popular Recipe: 2014mexican scotch egg

With an enticing crunch, this protein-packed recipe was viewed more frequently than any other in our database throughout 2014. Have you seen it?

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A Little Spice GROWs a Long Way!

November 2014 Newsletter

NEW Huevos con Chorizo Sandwich Recipehuevos con chorizo

A preference for spicier foods has been heating up restaurant menus for years.* From jalapeño peppers and Sriracha sauce to BBQ Wings and chorizo sausage, one thing is clear: Adding a little spice to your menu can go a long way to grow traffic!

To most American consumers, chorizo translates to 'spicy meat,' which may be why it's seen such a dramatic increase in usage as a key ingredient over the last few years.**

To help capitalize on this hot trend, we've created a flavorful Huevos con Chorizo Sandwich recipe featuring Papetti's® Liquid Whole Eggs along with chorizo sausage and fresh jalapeños.

Whether you serve it as a signature breakfast sandwich or as an open-faced dinner entree, it is sure to spice things up and deliver the heat your guests crave!

Click for the recipe>>

*"Spicy Foods Kick Up Restaurant Menus," Nation's Restaurant News, June 2013

Business Ethnics: Influential Flavors

As the Hispanic population in the U.S. continues to grow, it's hard to deny the influence this demographic has on palates across the country.

Tacos are now on more than 40% of American Cuisine menus, and you're more likely than not to find them at a Seafood establishment.

The impact is even more obvious when you start looking at key components of traditional Mexican dishes.

Salsa is popping up as a unique topping on burgers, pizzas and even French recipes, while guacamole & Pico de Gallo make an appearance on more than 20% and 15%, respectively, of all restaurant menus.

So no matter how you categorize your own menu, the next time you're searching for exciting flavors that will drive traffic, you may want to begin your search south of the border.

Get started today by exploring the Mexican-inspired dishes in our extensive database of inspirational recipes!

"Mexican Overview" & "Top Ingredients and Flavors," Datassential, MenuTrends, 2014