A Little Spice GROWs a Long Way!

November 2014 Newsletter

NEW Huevos con Chorizo Sandwich Recipehuevos con chorizo

A preference for spicier foods has been heating up restaurant menus for years.* From jalapeño peppers and Sriracha sauce to BBQ Wings and chorizo sausage, one thing is clear: Adding a little spice to your menu can go a long way to grow traffic!

To most American consumers, chorizo translates to 'spicy meat,' which may be why it's seen such a dramatic increase in usage as a key ingredient over the last few years.**

To help capitalize on this hot trend, we've created a flavorful Huevos con Chorizo Sandwich recipe featuring Papetti's® Liquid Whole Eggs along with chorizo sausage and fresh jalapeños.

Whether you serve it as a signature breakfast sandwich or as an open-faced dinner entree, it is sure to spice things up and deliver the heat your guests crave!

Click for the recipe>>

*"Spicy Foods Kick Up Restaurant Menus," Nation's Restaurant News, June 2013

Business Ethnics: Influential Flavors

As the Hispanic population in the U.S. continues to grow, it's hard to deny the influence this demographic has on palates across the country.

Tacos are now on more than 40% of American Cuisine menus, and you're more likely than not to find them at a Seafood establishment.

The impact is even more obvious when you start looking at key components of traditional Mexican dishes.

Salsa is popping up as a unique topping on burgers, pizzas and even French recipes, while guacamole & Pico de Gallo make an appearance on more than 20% and 15%, respectively, of all restaurant menus.

So no matter how you categorize your own menu, the next time you're searching for exciting flavors that will drive traffic, you may want to begin your search south of the border.

Get started today by exploring the Mexican-inspired dishes in our extensive database of inspirational recipes!

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