NEW Recipe: Primed with Pimientos

egg & pimiento cheese sandwichSeptember 2014 Newsletter

NEW Recipe: Primed with Pimientos
NEW Egg and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich

You may know pimientos as the bright red filling in green olives, but this pepper is growing in popularity.*

Offering a sweeter taste and aroma than traditional red bell peppers, fresh pimientos are the key ingredient in our NEW Egg and Pimiento Cheese Sandwich.

As a new twist on a classic grilled cheese, this recipe is built around a protein-packed Papetti's® Table Ready® Scrambled Egg Patty and a flavorful, pimiento stuffed cheese spread. Serve it alongside a cup of tomato soup as an enticingly simple, yet satisfying, addition to any lunch or dinner menu.

*Menu Penetration up 13.8% since 2013, Datassential, MenuTrends 2014

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Spicing Up Your Menu: The Return of Fall Flavors

fall blizzardMany people like to think that fall is an annual reminder of the need for change.

Right now, millions of oak and maple trees are turning over from lucious greens to vivid oranges, yellows and reds. And you're sure to notice a change in the fashion choices of your guests as they pack away their shorts and opt for more fall-friendly jeans, longsleeves and hooded sweatshirts.

Of all these changes, however, the seasonal upgrades to menus is by far the delicious! Just like the trees, the sign of fall is popping up on menus everywhere as pumpkin and apples flavors take centerstage.

Dunkin' Donuts is spicing things up with pumpkin lattes, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin "Munchkin" donut holes and pumpkin muffins.† Likewise, Dairy Queen welcomes the return of its pumpkin pie blizzard alongside a new apple pie variety.‡

If you're looking to fall-itize your own menu, check out our French Toast S'more. It's the perfect fall treat, especially for operations with an open-air patio. Or, you'd like something a bit more traditional, our Spiced Sweet Potato Carrot Cake featuring cinnamon and ginger, just might be what your guests are looking for.

† "Dunkin' Donuts' Huge Pumpkin Line-Up...," Business Insider, August 25, 2014
‡ "Dairy Queen Debuts New Apple Pie Blizzard...,", September 2, 2014

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More than just a trend, it's an ever-growing movement

Customers are actively seeking out restaurants that offer healthier menu options. Papetti's® is here to help operators navigate the wellness movement and meet this growing demand.

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