The Power of a Little Pesto

February 2015 Newsletter

NEW Pesto Egg Panini Features a Powerful Ingredient

Pesto Egg PaniniYou may be more familiar with pesto as a flavorful additive in pasta dishes, but this green sauce packs a real punch that shouldn't be limited by any stretch of the imagination.

Traditionally made from basil, olive oil, garlic and pine nuts, Pesto can add a bitter-sweet, yet slightly nutty taste to countless dishes.

In fact, this ingredient is so versatile that the Food Network was able to identify 50 different dishes you could make with Pesto as a key ingredient.

Whether or not it's already in your kitchen, you should consider adding it to your menu as part of the NEW Pesto Egg Panini. Made with our fully-cooked Papetti's® Scrambled Egg Patty, sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and of course, Pesto, this sandwich build brings a light and zesty bite that can served anytime!

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Appearing on nearly 9% more menus than in 2010, Pesto's popularity continues to grow and grow!

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014

The Beyond Breakfast Sandwich

While breakfast sandwiches continue to grow during traditional morning meal times (up 6% since 2010), they are becoming more and more popular throughout the rest of the day:

Lunch - up 32% Dinner - up 36% PM Snack - up 21%

To learn more about consumer preferences around breakfast sandwiches and to see what other operations are doing to meet this trend, check out this month's edition of WINsights.