Small Plate, Big Opportunity

January 2015 Newsletter

Small is the new BIG!

mini meatballs with bacon recipeIf you've been reading the literature predicting food trends for 2015, you've most certainly come across the phrase "small plate"more than once.

Technomic dubbed it as "small-minded," claiming that diners are demanding "petite plates and flexible portions.1

Hotel News Resource claims that smaller plates served at any time are perfect for consumers with a close eye on their waistlines.2

Even a majority of Chefs agree... smaller plates and/or snacking options are expected to be big in 2015.3

No matter where you heard it, it's pretty clear that smaller portions are about to make a big splash in 2015.

And, Explore Beyond Breakfast® has you covered with a completely new set of inspirational recipes that target some of the hottest menu trends for 2015, including our mini meatballs with bacon

Made from Papetti's® Easy Eggs® Liquid Whole Eggs and five other simply ingredients, it's sure to meet this small demand in a big way!

Get the recipe>>

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