The Snack is Back

October 2014 Newsletter

The Protein-Packed Snack: Mexican Scotch Egg Recipe

During our youth many of us were able to experience that wonderful time of day aptly classified as "snack time." You remember... lunch seemed like eons ago, but dinner was still an eternity away.

Well, the snack is no longer just for kids. And it is definitely not limited to a one-time, mid-afternoon event, with 51% of all consumers reporting they snack at least twice a day!*

With the Mexican Scotch Egg Recipe on Explore Beyond Breakfast, you'll be able to satisfy your guests' snack cravings with a protein-packed, handheld offering featuring Papetti's® Table Ready® Hard Cooked Eggs.

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*"Snacking Occasions Consumer Trend Report," Technomic 2014

Sonic CinnasnacksTo Snack or Not to Snack?
3 Ways to Snackatize Your Menu

 In the past year, snacking accounted for over $44 billion in sales within the food service industry.†

One logical explanation for the snacking boom may be that snacking bridges all dayparts. In fact, at QSRs both mid-morning and afternoon snacking have grown by 5% over the last year.†

Another rational reason may be that the definition of snacking is a bit broad, meaning it can encompass anything consumed outside of a classic entree served at a traditional time of day.

However, no matter how you define a snack, you can be sure consumers will be looking for snacking options on your menu.

Here are 3 simple ways to answer the snacking challenge:

†Year Ending August '14, The NPD Group, CREST 2014

Fried Egg BurgerBurgers for... Breakfast?

Fried eggs on burgers are growing! And surprisingly, a large amount are being consumed at breakfast, where menu penetration has doubled since 2010.

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