Superfoods: A Dynamic Duo

April 2015 Newsletter

New Recipe Featuring a "Super" Combination

You've heard the term - Superfood - but if you're picturing a cucumber in a red cape, you've got the wrong idea.

And while Superfoods will not give you the ability to run faster than a locomotive or lift a four-door sedan, in a lot of ways, I think you'll find they really do have super powers.

As nutrient-rich foods high in protein, antioxidants or other vitamins or minerals, they've become modern-day heroes to many health-conscious consumers.

egg & quinoa burritoTake quinoa for instance. Since 2010, it's gone from appearing on just over 1% of menus to 5.5%. That's an increase of over 400% and growing!* And it's no wonder... Often described as the mother of all grains, quinoa is a high-protein, gluten-free treasure that's versatile enough to be eaten alone or as an enticing mix with vegetables, nuts and other lean proteins.

Our NEW Egg & Quinoa Burrito combines this Superfood with another powerful ally (Eggs). Mix in a little cilantro, black beans and pico de gallo and you have a flavorful new menu offering that is bursting with high-quality protein.

*Datassentials, MenuTrends, 2014

egg flatbreadA Healthy Attitude Toward Wellness

From Millennials to Boomers, today's consumers are more concerned with healthy eating habits.

With more access to food and health trends, they are able to make more logical eating decisions and seek out eating establishments that will meet their needs.

This month's edition of the Well&Good™ newsletter taps into the experience of Sue Moores, a registered dietician who served as a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She notes an important consumer shift away from "what not to eat" to more of a focus on "what should I eat." However, even when we know what's good for us, we're still unwilling to sacrifice flavor for health. It takes a balance of both to keep guests satisfied.

Learn more and check out some inspirational recipes that can help bring a "healthy" balance to your menu in the full Spring newsletter.